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Re: Strange behavior of "root" in "over"'s context

From: Giovanni Zezza
Subject: Re: Strange behavior of "root" in "over"'s context
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 19:57:07 +0100

Il Mon, 3 Jan 2000 09:24:38 -0800 , address@hidden scriveva:

>Unfortunately there is no full free implementation of DPS that I know of.
>There is a partial implementation for the GnuStep project: www.gnustep.org.

It isn't that the problem; not the most difficult one, at least. You can do
about the same with Ghostscript; or you can customize Ghostscript so that
to have what is needed.
The problem is how (if possible) to integrate Lout and PostScript without
to change Lout's language design. For what said Valeriy E. Ushakov, it is
not possible; or it's possible only by restricting the scope (and the
instructions set) of the PostScript language, and its communication with
Lout. PostScript fragments have to be black boxes for Lout.

I've surely not enough knowledge of Lout design (or of functional languages
design in general) to say whether a best integration may be achieved, in
spite of what he said; and I'm not interested in promoting (nor in
supporting) a project split (that wouldn't be a good thing for Lout, not at
this stage, at least) if not.


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