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Not quite right .pdf generation

From: Robert Valliant
Subject: Not quite right .pdf generation
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 11:30:57 -1000

I have come back to lout after a long absence doing other things. I
want to say that 3.17 is a great advance over the 3.08 that RedHat
distributes its Linux 5.2

I have the unenviable task of doing some forms. I don't get to make
them up. I have to duplicate them. The file below is part of that

I seem to have found a problem. Probably through my own doing.
It is with what I call signature lines. They should look like this:

[Signature]            Person's Name     Boss
Approving Authority     Typed Name       Title

lout test > test.ps             generates a perfect .ps file

lout -PDF test > test.pdf       doesn't

ps2pdf test.ps test.pdf         generates a perfect .pdf file

I am using lout 3.17 and ghostscript 5.50 on a pretty stock
RedHat Linux 5.2 system.

--------------------------- clip here ---------------------------------
 @InitialFont { Helvetica Base 8p }
@Text @Begin

 fformat { @Cell ruleright { yes } width { 3.25i } A | @Cell ruleleft { yes } 
width { 3.25i } B }

 font { Helvetica Base 8p }
 A { I certify that this purchase supports the university program
indicated in the account code block. }
 B { I certify that sufficient funds are available in this account for
this purchase and that this purchase is in accordance with applicable
university policies and procedures. }

 A {}
 B { |2it Telephone No. 956-8345 //1vx |2it F.O. Code No. 340  }
 A {[Signature] |1.65it Big Cheese |2.65it Supremo //0.6vx @Fig { @HLine { 3.8i 
@Wide }
 //0.6vx Approving Authority |0.53bt Typed Name |0.92bt Title } }
 B {[Signature] |1.75it 12"/"7"/"1999 //0.6vx @Fig { @HLine { 2.25i @Wide }
 //0.6vx Fiscal Officer |1.75it Date } }
@End @Text

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