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Arbitrary Accents

From: Stewart C. Russell
Subject: Arbitrary Accents
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:46:16 +0000

How might I add arbitrary accents to characters? I'm not talking about
characters that are available in local encodings of fonts [and I'm using
Uwe's excellent font install tutorial from 20 Oct 1999 to help me work
with phonetic fonts here], but ones like:

        - macron        (or "overbar", usually denotes a lengthened vowel)

        - underdot      (denotes stress)

        - w-circumflex  (Welsh* long 'oo' sound)

These are the sort of things I need to typeset quite often, and probably
no-one else would ever need to, unless they're Unicode types, just to
show they can.


*: You may (not) be interested to know that Welsh for 'lout' is
'llabwst', which may be related to 'lobster'.

Stewart C. Russell              Analyst Programmer, Dictionary Division
address@hidden  HarperCollins Publishers
use Disclaimer; my $opinion;    Glasgow, Scotland

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