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Re: Paragraph breakings nested in definitions

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Paragraph breakings nested in definitions
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 09:01:23 +1000

Definitions return objects, irrespective of what symbols you put
inside them; and objects separated by white space appear side by
side in Lout.

Since you basically have a list anyway, my suggestion would be
to output

    @LI beber @Verb ...
    @LI ir @Verb ...

preceded by the list symbol of your choice and followed by
@EndList or @RawEndList.  This has the considerable advantage
of giving you ways to change such things as the style of each
item, the indent, the inter-item gap, etc. by means of the
options to the list symbol.  If you wanted to get the same
effect without using @LI you would basically be forced to
duplicate the implementation of @LI within @Verb anyway; and
then, on that rainy day when you really did want several
verbs per line, you'd be stuck.  Which brings us to the basic
reason why the rule "definitions return objects" is a Good
Thing: such definitions always work well in new, unforeseen


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