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From: Dylan R. Evans
Subject: Tables
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 18:50:49 +0000


I'm trying to write a convert of a homebrew formatting system into Lout
to convert to postscript and PDF. However, I'm having a little trouble
with Lout dropping tables. It appears that if lout can't fit the page,
it just drops it.

I tried using @Location{FullPage} for the longer tables, but sometimes
it just drops the really big tables. I don't mind setting hints in the
original format to adjust how the tables are formatted, but it would be
nice if there was some indication that the table was dropped.

Second, is there a program like 'latexmk' for lout? It keeps running out
until it no longer need to be run. Naturally, it would stop running if
lout is never going to resolve the x-ref's. I'm using Makefiles for a
lot of the processing because of the homebrew formatting.

Is there a way of getting a column-width table to wrap into the next
table? In addition, is there a way of getting a header or footer to
repeat on each multi-page or multi-column table? Thirdly, is there a way
to force the end of the table to keep the caption. I have cases where
the caption ends up begin on a different page.

Unfortunally, I cannot hand-format this system. By the time its done,
its going to be about 400-500 pages long (a roleplaying game) and I need
to write the converter to handle all cases instead of hand formatting.

Thank You,

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