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Quotedblleft unknown

From: Matěj Cepl
Subject: Quotedblleft unknown
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 16:42:12 -0000


I have still a problem with lout and ISO Latin-2:

When I use "``" in my source document, it is converted into @Char
"quotedblleft", which is correct (these are the closing quotes in the
standard Czech text). But, when I try to process these quotes with lout,
it states, that:

529,44: @Char dropped (character "quotedblleft" unknown in font TimesCE

However, it is not true, this character is included in ISO Latin-2 on a
position 132 (dec) and it is already in my *.afm file (see attachement).

The same problem goes with "ellipsis" -- chr(133).

Any thoughts?


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