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Hair-thin line & @FootNote divided from the word

From: Matěj Cepl
Subject: Hair-thin line & @FootNote divided from the word
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 09:14:31 -0000


I have got two problems with the lout (for all below examples is
@InitialLanguage { Czech }, if it does matter):

1) I have not managed how to put into the document horizontal line over
the full width of the document. I tried:

@SysInclude { fig }
@LP @Fig { @HLine { 1rt @Wide {} } }
@End @Abstract

But lout keeps saying "23,21: replacing invalid left parameter of @Wide
by 2i" and it is not what I wanted. What I have made wrong?

Another question (less important) is a "hair-thin line". It is the term
of Czech typesetting (so probably bad translation in English) and it is
understood to be the thinnest line available on a given device. I
thought, that there is something like it in PostScript. Is it available
in lout? But if it is not, 0.25p line would be probably enough.

2) When I put @FootNote in a text like this:

xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx @FootNote { .... }. mmmm mm mmm m

it happens, that when footnote gets into the end of line, lout breaks a
line awfully, putting footnote mark on a new line. Like this:

xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx
1. mmmm mm mmm m

I tried to overcome this by putting "~" between footnote and word which
it is bound to, but it doesn't work (lout breaks a line between the word
and footnote mark anyway) and really I did not want to have anything
between word and its footnote. So, I tried " &0.01s", but the result was
the same (and it is not very logical markup, isn't it?).

Any thoughts?

                        Thanks and have a nice day


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