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Re^2: Large index causes problems

From: Stephan Pabst
Subject: Re^2: Large index causes problems
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 16:48:01 +0100 (MEZ)

> Uwe recommends increasing MAX_LEX_STACK.  Although this will probably
> work,

It works fine - thank you, Uwe!

> I wonder what the original cause is.  Perhaps there is some complex
> thing in the index entries, or perhaps there is some complex thing
> going through the database system which itself contains index entries?

The high level document structure is in good order, but it is quite
complicated - the @Index entry is used within a table in a subsection
in a section an a chapter in a book.
However, I'm quite astonished that an internal stack overflow caused
this problem: Only when using two or more index entries of this type,
I got the error message; when using only one of them, Lout was able
to handle it correctly.  By re-using *.ld and *.li files from a previous,
successful run, I was even able to process more complicated documents.


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