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Is there @FootCite around?

From: Matěj Cepl
Subject: Is there @FootCite around?
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 14:56:31 +0100


while firstly reading User's manual (it is really beautiful and nice
piece of paper, thanks, Jeff!) I was very impressed by mighty REFERENCE
funtiones in the lout. But while reading about it, I did not find any
possibility how to make a journal-style cites in footnote. When I was
writing my papers in USA, they taught me, that citation should be put in
footnote and that all rules about "Ibidem" and such stuff should be
followed. But, I cannot found any such function in lout at least
comparable to mighty CHAPCITE and CITE ones.

So, what I mean is this:

@FootCite tag

where tag is the reference to the cite in references database and
possibly reference to page number of such work.

This function puts citation from references database into footnote
(numbering of footnotes is not disrupted, so it is just an usual
footnote) according to rules stated in 5.5 in the User's manual.


Even better would be, when the @FootCite cared for all rules about
"ibidem" for itself, so that puts just references into its document
without any care whether it is the first or second citation in his text,
whether there are any citations to other materials between this and
other cite to one material etc., knowing that lout would care for all

Any thoughts how to achieve this in lout?


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