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From: Chris Herborth
Subject: Re: Lout FAQ/HOWTO
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 13:37:33 -0500

Previously, Valeriy E. Ushakov (address@hidden) writes:
> I wasn't aware of your problems.  Does QNX and BeOS has text/binary
> file distinction?

No, they don't, which is why I thought it was pretty odd.  Both have
UNIX-style end-of-lines, etc.

> I've traced NT bug down to wrong return value from ftell() in
> LexNextTokenPos() in z02.c that is solely responsible for wrong
> offsets in .li files.

Hmm... this shouldn't be a problem on either, stdio has been tested
quite a bit on both platforms.  :-\

I've just rebuilt lout 3.10 using the latest compiler/libs under QNX;
when testing on the design document (lout.3.10/doc/design), the first
pass completes fine, but the second pass aborts right away:

address@hidden [535]: lout all > outfile.ps
         internal error: assert failed in SetOptimize: actual(res) !=
ABORT instruction

I'll do some more investigation to see if I can't figure out what's
causing this.

> As a shotgun debugging measure, try to lower the BUFFER_SIZE in z02.c
> (8k as shipped) to match your stdio buffering (4k in VC4.2).  Haven't
> tried this, but going to ASAP.  (I'm hunting a nasty memory leak in
> another program and it consumes most of my time).

This didn't help at all, same results.  :-\

> Hope it helps.  If you'll fix this bug in either of your ports, please
> let me know what the problem was.

> PS: Hmm, can you please send me a copy of standard.li you get after
>     init run.  I'd like to compare it with the one I got on NT.

Sure thing, I'll attach it to another email.

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