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compiling lout with MS Visual C++

From: Vassili Dzuba
Subject: compiling lout with MS Visual C++
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 14:40:51 DFT

I just downloaded LOUT 3.0.8 and compiled it using Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2.

The compilation works, and the initialization run (lout -x) works (with
the caveat about the norweg.lh file) but when I try to run it
on the provided documentation (design, expert, etc.), it fails with the message:

        database index file seems to be out of date

(from file z41.c, line 58).

Did somebody successfully compiled and run lout with MS VC ?
Do somebody has an idea about what I should look to ?


Vassili Dzuba

Vassili Dzuba                   tel : +33 (1)
Directeur Technique, TetraSys   fax : +33 (1)
26, avenue de Tourville         email : address@hidden
75007 Paris, FRANCE

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