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Next version

From: Jan Wender
Subject: Next version
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996 18:51:36 +0200

I dont want to hassle anyone, but can you give an ETA for the next version?
I'm eager for the diag stuff which looks like Fig done right to me.
One pet peeve of mine:
Why do you add a period to the section etc numbering as in 
1. Introduction?
In Germany this is not done. It is simply
1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to the Introduction
There exists even a standard for this (DIN 1421, which is the german version
of the ANSI).
Cheerio, Jan
Jan Wender - address@hidden - Universitaet Trier, Germany
The man who letterspaces lowercase letters also steals sheep (F. Goudy)

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