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Succesful Ghostscript upgrade

From: Marnix Klooster
Subject: Succesful Ghostscript upgrade
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 96 09:24:13 -0000 (met)

Hello all,

As suggested by various people on this list, I upgraded my Ghostscript 
version from 2.6.2 to 4.01 (under Linux & X windows), and Lout output 
now looks much better.  There was one catch, though: GS 4.01 contains a 
bug that causes arcs to be displayed incorrectly.  The patch is to 
change line 173 of file gspath1.c, which looks something like

  code = arc_add(pgs, true, arad, xt0, yt0, xt2, yt2, ax1, ay1)


  code = arc_add(pgs, arc_lineto, arad, xt0, yt0, xt2, yt2, ax1, ay1)

Also, for people using GSview (the Windows counterpart of Un*x 
Ghostview) note that the newest version (1.6beta) requires GS 4.00, and 
won't work with 4.01.  A new beta of GSview fixing this should be out 
in a couple of weeks.  (I don't know whether the above bug is in GS 
4.00 too.)



Marnix Klooster
address@hidden   //   address@hidden

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