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Re: German Quotes

From: Jan Wender
Subject: Re: German Quotes
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 12:02:25 +0200

Valeriy E. Ushakov wrote:
>On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Jan Wender wrote:
>> Does someone know how to get the first of german quotes, i.e. ,,
>> and '' (poor ASCII rendition), in lout? The second is the closing
>I use
>       def ",,"        { @Char "quotedblbase"  }
>       def "..."       { @Char "ellipsis"      }
>It seems, that Joachim Walsdorff already told this in German (as far
>as I can guess, Ich sprache kein Deutch, alas, as well as many other
>people on this list). He mentoined ,,castrated'' encoding vectors, but
>fortunately in 3.08 there's LtLatin1.LCM that has these additional
>symbols, and fontdefs file uses this ,,non-castrated'' map.
Actually I did not find them in LtLatin1.LCM from lout 3.08. There are
quotedblleft and -right, but not base. I then simply added one entry for
quotedblbase and used the above def, and it works now. Has this any side
>JW> Warum sie (und andere vorhandene Zeichen) im Lout nicht vordefiniert
>JW> sind, ist mir unklar; wenn man nicht weiss, wofuer vorhandene
>JW> Zeichen gut sind, sollte man sie im Zweifelsfalle lieber mitfuehren.
>I miss JW's opinion here, but as I understand it's unclear to him, why
>Lout doesn't predefine these symbols. Perhaps it's better to leave it
>up to user to decide on the punctuation nuances. But it seems the
>topic was already discussed on the list.
Since I missed this discussion, I'd like to get a summary. I for one would 
like to see the quotedblbase, quotesinglbase and ellipsis added to the
standard encoding. Its always a source of problems if you do something
nonstandard, eg. more hassle with updates.
Cheerio, Jan
Jan Wender - address@hidden - Universitaet Trier, Germany
The man who letterspaces lowercase letters also steals sheep (F. Goudy)

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