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From: Mike Dowling
Subject: ukhyphen
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 95 13:20 MET

I've only just compiled lout for the first time so my guess is that this is a

The default English hyphenation tables are American.  It looks straight forward
develop new hyphenation tables, in my case the British hyphenation tables, yet
the obvious solution, namely to create british.lh, edit include/langdefs, and
run lout -x on include/init failed with the error message:

hyphenation trie string limit exceeded

What appears to be the problem is that the limits were set to accomodate
SHRT_MAX, which is given explicitly as 32767 rather than by using limits.h.

I tried changing all references to short ints to int, but lout -x now only
produces a segmentation fault.  I've obviously missed something.  Does anyone
have a patch for lout for the British hyphenation tables?

(It is a rather surprising problem given that lout originates from Australia!)

A second (probably frequently asked) question is whether there is something
like an lout.el anywhere for emacs?


        Mike Dowling

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