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a few suggestions

From: Terrence M. Brannon
Subject: a few suggestions
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 15:15:02 -0700

my install failed because the LIBDIR and a few other directories
existed. it might be a good idea to put a dash before these mkdir
commands like so: (just two are included as example)

install: lout c2lout
        @echo ""
        @echo "(a) Installing Lout and c2lout binaries into BINDIR $(BINDIR)"
        cp lout $(BINDIR)/lout
        chmod 755 $(BINDIR)/lout
        cp c2lout $(BINDIR)/c2lout
        chmod 755 $(BINDIR)/c2lout
        @echo ""
        @echo "(b) Installing library files into LIBDIR $(LIBDIR)"
        -mkdir $(LIBDIR)
        chmod 755 $(LIBDIR)
        @echo ""
        -mkdir $(LIBDIR)/include
        chmod 755 $(LIBDIR)/include
        cp include/* $(LIBDIR)/include
        chmod 644 $(LIBDIR)/include/*
        @echo ""
        -mkdir $(LIBDIR)/data

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USC, 3614 Watt Way, LA, CA 90089-2520  available.Please write correct programs 
office 213-740-6995 home 213-764-9845  --- Yale Haskell 0.8 documentation

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