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Question about tables in Lout

From: R. D. Davis
Subject: Question about tables in Lout
Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 20:21:51 +0400


Being somewhat new to Lout, I've got a few questions.  Can Lout be
used to create printouts which contain background grids, some of which
are shaded?

For example:

|sh  22 |         |     3   | sh  9   |
|sh     |         |     1   |     1   |
|sh   4 |         |     2   |     7   |

where sh denotes shaded bacground and the numbers just represent
numbers to appear in boxes in the grid.  Note that the above is just
a simplified example of what I want to do; what I had planned to do
will fill an entire page with a grid if that's possible

Thanks for any information that anyone can provide about this! 

R. D. Davis                             *  Eccentrics have more fun! :-) *
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