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Problems printing lout.3.03.user.ps

From: Frank Scholz
Subject: Problems printing lout.3.03.user.ps
Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 21:04:03 +0200


I just got the new lout user manual and run into problems printing it.
I'm using a Lexmark 4039 10R duplex with 2 Mbyte RAM.
The last manual I printed was 2.05 without any problems.

The first error was on page 72 :

ERROR      :    unmatchedmark
on command :    ]
Stack      :    ydieresis , thorn , yacute , udieresis , ucircumflex ,
             ucaute , ugrave , oslash , divide , odieresis , otilde ,

This looks like some kind of virtual memory overflow to me.

I got around this by deleting all preceeding pages from the
Postscript code, and feeding it again to the printer.

The next one came at page 120, with the included Postscript file

ERROR      :    undefined
on command :    c
Stack      :    4231 , 3012 , end_of_stack

I tried to look at the page with the Postscript viewer 'pageview'
on my SUN, but starting with page 120, 'pageview' showed all following
pages one upon the other, like displaying a document without any
DSC informations.

Ok, to make a long story short, I delete page 119 & 120, and printed
121-181 successfully. Then I put only 119 & 120 between Prolog & Trailer
and got that out of my printer too.

So the question is, do I run out of memory with my printer ?
And if so, why has 'pageview' on my SUN, with plenty of swap space,
problems with page 120 ?

Any ideas ?


Frank Scholz, DELOS Datenmanagement, D-75181 Pforzheim 14, Hauptstrasse 33
phone: 07231 955050 -----------------------------------  fax: 07231 955051
----------------------- net:  address@hidden ----------------------

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