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Help with a macro

From: esh
Subject: Help with a macro
Date: Tue, 02 May 95 16:40:54 -0700

What follows is a definition I use to create a title on documents. The
intent is something like

This is Title


Where the top horizontal line is as long as the title text, the bottom is
half that. What I have lays things out properly, but does not adapt to
the width of the text. 

Does anyone have any magic to make it do so? Or am I hoping for something
beyond the scope of Lout?

Here's the definition:

import @DocumentLayout
def @MakeTitle
    named toplength { 3.55i }
    named botlength { 1.85i }
    named topthickness { 1.5 pt }
    named botthickness { 0.75 pt }
    named author { } 
    named date   { @Date @Format { @Month @DayNum, @Year }}
    right t
@LeftDisplay lines @Break {
@Fig { @HLine linewidth { topthickness } {toplength @Wide {}}}
//0.5v  t
//1.0v author
//0.25v date
//0.5v @Fig { @HLine linewidth { botthickness } { botlength @Wide {}}} 
@End @MakeTitle

Another interesting variant on this would be to center everything line
by line even if the right parameter t requires more than one line. Again
the HLine lengths should be adaptable...


 Edward S. Hirgelt   
 Teknekron Software Systems
 530 Lytton Avenue, Suite 301 
 Palo Alto, Ca 94301
 415 833 2763

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