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c2lout microbug

From: basile . starynkevitch
Subject: c2lout microbug
Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 15:04:29 +0200


Hello All,

1) with c2lout, a C identifier containing underscores and a C keyword,
eg struct_foo_st, is typeset incorrectly (the keyword part -eg struct-
is bold).

  I believe the correction should be easy: a C identifier containing
  underscores should be output (by c2lout) with doublequotes. I haven't
  time for  this.

2) the good c2lout habit of passing verbatim to Lout any [magic]
comment starting with /*@ should be documented. 

By the way, I'm adding Lout mode to the tango/weevil (by Corey
Minyard) literate programming package (it relies on /*@ convention).
Anyone interested?

I would like to have hints on how to make Lout processing faster (eg
don't use macros, use short Lout operators names, etc). Any clues?

Basile STARYNKEVITCH   ----  Commissariat a l Energie Atomique
DRN/DMT/SERMA * C.E. Saclay bat.470 * 91191 GIF/YVETTE CEDEX * France
fax: (33) 1-; phone: (33) 1-; homephone: (33) 1-
email: address@hidden (redirected to address@hidden);  

N.B. Any opinions expressed here are solely mine, and not of my organization.
N.B. Les opinions exprimees ici me sont personnelles et n engagent pas le CEA.

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