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Lout sneak preview 4 running under DOS/386 ?

From: A8411GAC
Subject: Lout sneak preview 4 running under DOS/386 ?
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 94 16:39:39 MEZ

Dear Louters,

I changed the Lout sneak 4 preview sources and input files, so that it
-) compiles cleanly under DOS using DJGPP 1.12m1+2
-) the setup also works
-) all files are stripped to the 8.3 DOS filename standard

But I have some problems processing the various 'all' files in the doc
directory, I always get a assert because of a internal error.
My question: Is there somewhere a Lout user who is also interested in
porting Lout to DOS, perhaps also uses DJ Delories GCC port for DOS/386+,
and would like to help me to solve this problems ?

I zipped the modified file (without the various outfile.ps, to save space)
into one Zipfile, and if anybody's interested, I could upload it to any
suggested FTP site as a starting point.

Please reply via PM, I subscribed to the Lout list, but didn't receive any
messages in the meantime ... maybe something went wrong ...


  Matthias Burian                  Institut fuer Analytische Chemie
                                                  Universitaet Wien
  address@hidden            Waehringerstrasse 38
  address@hidden          1090 Wien    AUSTRIA

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