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Re: Porting Lout

From: Aaron Roydhouse
Subject: Re: Porting Lout
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 1994 10:10:54 +1300

Glen> Has anyone ported lout to the PC using NT, OS2, DJGPP, or
Glen> whatever?  It compiles under OS2 using gcc, but fails on link,
Glen> looking for a library module "link" which appears to be a unix
Glen> thing.
So long as lout's memory requirements can be satisfied, I'd think that
lout has the potential to be even more portable that TeX. It already
ports effortlessly to most unix systems, but there seems little to tie
it to that environment. It may never go on a 80286 PC with 512k of
memory, but who cares :-)

I haven't gone through the code, but perhaps Jeff can comment.

Of course Jeff may have no interest in working on ports, but may be
prepared to roll in diffs of clean ports others can put together.


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