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FAQ (I know it's small, but it's a start.)

From: rodrigo vanegas
Subject: FAQ (I know it's small, but it's a start.)
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 14:01:42 -0400

This and future versions of the FAQ will be available to by means of the
mailing list file server.  Just send mail to address@hidden
with a subject line of "archive send FAQ".  To learn more about the
archive send another mail with the subject "archive help".

So here's the FAQ.

                              Lout FAQ

This mini-FAQ is maintained by Rodrigo Vanegas (address@hidden), who
also maintains the Lout mailing list.  You may suggest additions by
sending me mail.

1. What is Lout?

Lout is a document formatting system similar to LaTeX written by
Jeffrey Kingston (address@hidden) and made available by him for 
under the GNU GPL.  The latest version is available by ftp as


2. How does one get quotes (") or backslashes (\) in Lout?

Quotes are explained in the reference manual, section 2.1, apparently
not very successfully judging from the questions I get.

        To get this             You type this

            "                       \"
            \                       \\

but these things only work inside "...".  So the way to print quoted
strings in source code listings is like this (for example)

        puts("hello\n");        puts("\"hello\\n\"");

In other words, you replace the opening " by "\", you replace the
closing quote by \"", and any \ inside you replace by \\.


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