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Multi-columns within a box

From: Mark Griffith
Subject: Multi-columns within a box
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 12:33:26 CST

I'm trying to setup a shaded box on a page and then print multiple columns
of text within the box.  So far, I haven't been too successful.  Here is what
I have done:

   @InitialFont {Palatino Base 9p}
   @InitialBreak {1.2fx}
   @PageNumbers {Yes}
   @FirstPageNumber {7}
   @Columns {Double}
 @Text @Begin
 @Fig address@hidden @Box paint {light} {15.0c @Wide {
 @ColText @Begin
 Text goes here
 @End @ColText
 @End @Text

All I get is a segmentation fault and core dump.

Has anyone been successfull doing this?


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