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[Linphone-users] a call to PSTN

From: Kostas Marneris
Subject: [Linphone-users] a call to PSTN
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 17:42:45 +0300
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Hello all,
I've been using Linphone for 2-3 weeks and I can place 'on-net' calls
to other soft or hard sip phones (using SIP URIs). I use SER as a SIP proxy 

My question concerns the syntax of "Sip address:" on Linphone for a call to PSTN
(through a cisco 5300 - PRI connection to PSTN) .
In order for the call to be terminated I have to put the GWs IP addr
as a suffix in "Sip address:"

example : sip:address@hidden
x.y.z.w is the GWs IP address, (where the call is terminated to PSTN)

Is that correct as a concept ?
Why the end-user must know the IP address of terminatinh-GW ?

When I enter the IP address of SIP server instead, I get an error
"User cannot be found at given address" on my linphone client ...

How can I place a call to PSTN without entering any suffix ?

thanks for any help / hint .

Kostas Marneris
e-mail: address@hidden
Tel   : +30-210-6151886

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