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Introducing Hacklily, another online LilyPond editor

From: Joshua Netterfield
Subject: Introducing Hacklily, another online LilyPond editor
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 00:19:04 -0500
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Hi all,

I've been working on an online LilyPond editor in my spare time, and would appreciate your feedback. You can use it as a scratchpad, or sign in with a GitHub account to save sheet music directly there.

Try it at

It's inspired by great projects like LilyBin and Overleaf.

I'm sharing this fairly early on, and would prefer if you didn't share this broadly yet so I can scale it. I also recommend you avoid relying on it for anything too serious. You can give me feedback by replying to me, or on GitHub (

I hope you find it useful and am looking forward to your feedback.

Joshua Netterfield

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