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Re: manual Makam example

From: Blöchl Bernhard
Subject: Re: manual Makam example
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 17:15:17 +0100
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Sorry! I pressed the wrong send button I corrected the error some minutes later.

Am 21.02.2016 16:15, schrieb Simon Albrecht:
Don’t reply off-list! I have no idea whatsoever about arabic music, so
there’s no point in e-mailing me.
Best, Simon

On 21.02.2016 14:44, BB wrote:
I still think that the snippet ifrom the world music chapter is better than the one actually in the arabic chapter. I will recommend it in the bug-lilypond mailing list, if I find some time. Actually I am fighting with some problems.

I would post a better one, if I could get an example code! There is some inconsisteny.
If i use
the arabic maqams are defined and will be found, but the english note names are not known.

\include ""

\relative do' {

\key re \bayati

%\set Staff.extraNatural = ##f

dod dob dosd \dwn dob dobsb dodsd do do


That is another important fact to say that given example in the arabic chapter is double-crap! This snippet indeed uses english note names not known with \!

As I prefer the english note names. If I use
the maqams are undefined, but the english note names are known.

\include ""

\relative c' {

\key d \bayati

c4 cc db fk

gbm4 gfc gfb efk

fk4 db cc c


If I try the definition of Bayati from, the resukt is vey strange, I do not understand why?

\include "" \relative c' { \set Staff.keyAlterations = #`( (0 . ,NATURAL) (1 . ,SEMI-FLAT) (2 . ,FLAT) (3 . ,NATURAL) (4 . ,NATURAL) (5 . ,FLAT) (6 . ,FLAT) ) c4 cc db fk gbm4 gfc gfb efk fk4 db cc c }

I think that ha s to do with the missing key alteration order? May be an extension/redesign of is necessary? Help would be appreciated!
On 21.02.2016 13:27, Simon Albrecht wrote:
On 21.02.2016 12:54, BB wrote:
At the end of subchapter "Arabic key signatures" in chapter "2.10.2 Arabic music" on page there is in subchapter "Selected Snippets" a snippet example. It is very peculiar that in this example is not even a single quarter tone. Peculiar and totally displaced and useless in this arabic notation section dealing with the special case of quarter tone notation!
You’re welcome to come up with a better example and post it on the bug-lilypond mailing list, with a concise description what exactly it is for and why it is better. Best, Simon

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