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[Correction] Is there a bug in the way Lilypond handles SLURS?

From: Devin
Subject: [Correction] Is there a bug in the way Lilypond handles SLURS?
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2016 11:03:03 -0500
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[This is a correction of previous messsage -- I meant "slurs", not
"staccato". SORRY!]


I am working with Walter Bender on a visual programming language called
"Music Blocks" (

Neither of us know Lilypond well enough, so maybe someone on this list
can help us out.

As part of Music Blocks software, we are developing a feature where the
user can export to lilypond and we have a SLUR feature in our own
code, which we are trying to get to go down the pipeline to the lilypond

Our Question:

Is this a bug?

This doesn't work:
a'4 (b'4 \tuplet 3/2 {a'8 b'8 c'8} )

But this does:

a'4 (b'4 \tuplet 3/2 {a'8 b'8 c'8) }

(The parenthesis and brackets must be flipped in order for the lilypond
code to work)

It does not make sense to me and Walter, but then again we may not be
familiar enough with how Lilypond works.

At any rate, we are able to generate code either way, but if this is an
issue we thought to bring it up now. Our full conversation can be found


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