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Re: Horizontal spacing - choir

From: Carl-Henrik Buschmann
Subject: Re: Horizontal spacing - choir
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2016 17:40:39 +0100

Thank you for the heads up. Will revise the dynamics, slurs and phrasings.

Fonts. I’ve tried looking in the manual but i shoot blanks: how do i change the 
font and font size of the lyrics?

> 14. feb. 2016 kl. 15.44 skrev Simon Albrecht <address@hidden>:
> Hello,
> On 14.02.2016 12:58, Carl-Henrik Buschmann wrote:
>> I need advice on how to best typeset my SATB score. The problem revolves 
>> around horizontal spacing.
>> I feel it is a bit cramped and the breaks do not flow naturally.
> I don’t think it’s cramped – well, I like ‘cramped’ old Peters editions, so 
> that may be anachronistic and personal taste.
>> What can i do to improve?
> Choose a narrower text font – I like and often use Alegreya from 
> I’d not advise using a smaller text font, since it gives an 
> ill proportion between text and music size. However I find it perfectly 
> alright to use a fontsize of 16 for choral scores. It will remain well 
> legible.
> What’s more, (well-made) choral scores _always_ print dynamics above the 
> staff to not have them on the same side like the lyrics. There’s a number of 
> cases in your example where I’d also move slurs and ties, maybe even scripts 
> above the staff. But that’s a matter of style as well.
> And I’d suggest to always use proper lyric hyphens, since the misaligned 
> syllables at the end of bars 19 and 39 are confusing. You can avoid creating 
> a melisma with the slur by either removing slurMelismaBusy from 
> melismaBusyProperties or using phrasing slurs { \( \) }.
> HTH, Simon

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