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RE: Four Part Piano Staff

From: Mark Stephen Mrotek
Subject: RE: Four Part Piano Staff
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2016 15:37:29 -0800


Thank you for your response and suggestion. Whenever I make an inquiry I
attach a .ly file. 


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From: Michael Gerdau [mailto:address@hidden 
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Subject: Re: Four Part Piano Staff

Hi Mark,

> Thank you for your reply and the suggested code. What you provide 
> works well with a single staff - as presented in the documentation. 
> When inserted into a piano staff two additional staves are included 
> between the two piano staves.

you should start posting the code you use together with your questions.

>From your descriptions it is impossible to guess what you actually do or
what you try to achieve.

I strongly suggest to follow the guidelines given at

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