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CPU usage and barchecks

From: Antonio Gervasoni
Subject: CPU usage and barchecks
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 15:14:15 -0800 (PST)


I've been using Lilypond for over a year and I've always noticed it requires
a lot of CPU resources to engrave a score. This is especially noticeable
when working on big orchestral scores. I use a Macbook Pro and one single
engraving of an orchestral score, speeds up the fan and the left-hand corner
of the machine gets very hot. This doesn't happen when I process a single
instrument part; although, if I make changes and process the part several
times in quick succession, the machine gets equally hot.

I wonder if having a barcheck for every measure has something to do with
this. The score I'm working on has 25 staves and is 220 bars long. Also, of
those 25 staves, 9 are used for two instruments so in the end it's just like
having 34 staves. Then, 34*220 makes 7,480 barchecks. If I remove almost all
the barchecks and leave just a few, would that make a difference on how much
CPU is used?

Or, if barchecks have nothing to do with CPU usage (or at least not much),
is there any way to improve CPU usage? Is there any list of recommendations
which users should follow in order to keep machine resources at the minimum?



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