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Re: Don't engrave measure symbol, actually now Browser differences

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Re: Don't engrave measure symbol, actually now Browser differences
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 11:59:44 +1100
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Using Safari or Chrome, clicking lilypond documentation illustrations displays the lilypond code used to produce them. Using Firefox or Opera, these browsers offer to save the file.

The browser behaviour is different regarding how they deal with an anchor which is an image. It's not really a lilypond matter.

I have a look into how we can make this cross-browser compliant. The behaviour where the browser directly shows the code seems to be preferable.

How amusing life would be if we had browsers that were standards compliant.


On 21/02/13 10:25 AM, Thomas Morley wrote:
2013/2/20 Robert Schmaus <address@hidden>:
So, if you would like to use a certain example from the
documentation, click on it and check out that code.
BTW, for me this doesn't work no longer with our official documentation.
At least, it doesn't work out of the box.
Though, it works with

Can someone confirm?
Did we change something?


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