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19th-cent. accidental notation

From: Javier Ruiz-Alma
Subject: 19th-cent. accidental notation
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 04:10:02 -0800
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The default accidental style notation in Lilypond omits the accidental on the 1st note of the following bar for _tied_ notes spanning to the next bar. NR says this has been the standard since 18th cent.

I found an accidental notation rule in 1803 music introductory textbook by M. Clementi, says accidental was also omitted on the following bar it when happened to be first note played of same pitch as prior bar accidental (explicit example shown involves non-tied notes).

Seemed intuitive in the context of several of the pieces (see attached sample), so I've been applying [\once \override Voice.Accidental #'stencil = ##f] as needed in the typeset. Just wondered if there were some classical notation gurus that could educate me on how common this practice was (i.e. non-tied accidentals carrying over to first note of following bar).
Thx, Javier

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