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hidden notes causing semiquaver stems to lengthen

From: Kevin Patrick Barry
Subject: hidden notes causing semiquaver stems to lengthen
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 09:55:24 +0000

Dear LilyPond users,

I frequently have to layer many horizontal brackets over a small number of notes (motivic analysis), and to do this I use extra voices with hidden notes.  Mostly this works fine, but sometimes the hidden notes cause some odd behaviour with stem lengths in the main part.  I've pasted a tinyish example at the end of this message which should reproduce it.

In the past I've used a variety of workarounds, such as choosing hidden notes that are far away from the main ones (in the example below, if you raise the hidden notes by two octaves the problem disappears, but extra space is added above the staff), or sometimes by removing the stem stencil of the hidden notes, but these solutions don't always work, so I'd like to understand what's going on a bit more.  If anyone can shed some light it would solve many problems for me.

Kevin Barry

\version "2.16.1"

melody = \relative c'' {

d16\startGroup e c\stopGroup d b


bracketsa = \relative c'' {

\override NoteColumn #'ignore-collision = ##t


s8 c16\startGroup d b\stopGroup


\score {

\new Staff <<

\new Voice { \melody }

\new Voice { \bracketsa }



\layout {

\context {


\consists "Horizontal_bracket_engraver"



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