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Re: conditional include

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: Re: conditional include
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2013 20:01:26 +0100
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Hi Urs,

you can write a music-function that conditionally includes files.
I use a function to include a file, if it exists. The if statement can of course also test for a option with ly:get-option.

Best, Jan-Peter

On 04.02.2013 16:48, Urs Liska wrote:
Hi list,

I don't know if I _could_ find this info myself, but I'm quite puzzled about it and so I'd rather ask:

I would like to \include files depending on the presence (or absence) of certain command-line options.
Basically it should do something like:
- if option A is present then \include A.ily
- if option B is present then \include B.ily
- if none of them is present then \include default.ily

Ideally this would be a function that I can define in a separate file and only include this file in my main .ly file.

Background is: A, B and default are style sheets that style the score according to their context (e.g. standalone score <--> part of a book or draft <--> final mode). While I know how to deal with this decision by writing both includes in the file and comment out the one I don't need ATM, I would highly prefer to be able to do this with a command line option, so I can run a script on a potentially large number of files. (The only other workaround I can think of now is to let the script actually rewrite the .ly file before compiling it, but I think that's not really elegant).

I'd be grateful about any hints or solutions.

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