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Re: Lilypond compile with no midi output

From: Javier Ruiz-Alma
Subject: Re: Lilypond compile with no midi output
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2013 11:42:05 -0800 (PST)

Il 02/02/2013 09:25, Javier Ruiz-Alma ha scritto:
I have a main .ly file for a book and individual .ily files for each lesson.
Each .ily file has \layout{} and \midi{} statements.

I can batch-compile the .ily's, such that each midi is saved with the
filename of the .ily file, suppressing the pdf output:
lilypond-dno-print-pages lesson*.ily
This produces midis lesson1.midi, lesson2.midi....etc.

However, I can't find a similar command to suppress midi output when I
compile the book:
 >lilypond -dno-midi

When I compile the book, I get multiple book.midi, book-1.midi...etc,
which are not needed.  Currently, I'm just deleting those .midi files

Is there such a optional command to suppress midi output?

>I don't think so.
>I've asked the same question years ago:

I see. Well, a "no-midi" compile option was my better hope, but another option to improve my situation
would be if one could set the file prefix name of midi file within the midi block of each score:

	\set Midi.FilePrefix = "lesson2"

This way, when I compile the individual lesson2.ily, I get lesson2.midi, and
when compiling, the .midi's from each separate score are named with unique stated prefixes,
instead of the generic book.mid, book-1.mid, book-2.mid.

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