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From: Roland Goretzki
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 15:19:00 +0200
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Hello list, hello Han-Wen,

You wrote:
> MX wrote:
> >Hi all, bonjour à tous.
> >
> >1. How can I ajust the position of the beginning of the slur in the 
> >picture attached ?
> >
> >I tried to override the control-points property of the slur object but I 
> >couldn't find rules to use it and I just want to push sligtly the 
> >beginning of the slur, not the entire slur. The property Slur 
> >#'attachment-offsets seemed to do that easyly but it does not exist 
> >anymore in the 2.6.0 release.
> Slurs have been rewritten, and should in general give  a much better 
> result. However, this situation might be an exception. You can move the 
> slur vertically with the #'positions property.
> For horizontal offsets, I would have to add some code. I could add  that 
> as a sponsored feature (see for more 
> information)

I did ask me - without any answer - why You threw off this feature of
slur attachment-offset.

For me lilypond would be missing some important, if it wouldn't be
possible to change the endpoints of slurs in an easy way.

Normally I would say, okay, let's sponsor it (*), if there is no other
way. But for the moment my personal situation doesn't allow me to spend
anything, I'm sorry.

(*) But nevertheless, I think, that the attachment-offset of Slurs might
    be a standard implementation of lilypond.
    Missing it after 2.2.x was the main reason for me to stop
    typesetting ... :-(

And now it is very hard to hear, that in the 2.6.x lilypond is missing
this again. :-(

Don't misunderstand me:
I still think, that lilypond is a very great work, and my heart is full
of thanks to You (and Jan) for creating and developping it! :-)

Best Regards           Roland

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