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Re: Completing the Lilypond puzzle

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Completing the Lilypond puzzle
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 14:01:44 +0200
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Did you read the section on "Blank Music Sheet" in the
manual? It answers how to get rid of bar numbers and
the time signature.

Also, as has already been pointed out, the normal use of LilyPond
is to typeset actual music, so you should not consider your example
"the simplest thing".

For the page numbers, I think this was a bug in version 2.6.0 that
was fixed in 2.6.1. Version 2.6.3 is available for Windows, so I
recommend you to upgrade.

I have sent a bug report on the problem that you get different number
of systems on different pages. The easiest solution for you should be
to make a single page and print out several copies of that.


lars prins wrote:

Lilypond can do everything and lilypond is for everybody.
Yet, I don't seem to be part of this equation somehow.

I am getting very frustrated to get Lilypond to do the
simplest thing, to create a PDF file with 4 pages of empty
piano sheet music that I can use to jot notes on. That
shouldn't be too difficult right? But how do all these little
fragments of the Lilypond manual fit together?

I need the \PianoStaff to get the braces I guess.
I need \skip to get empty sheet music.
I need some paper control for margins etc.
I want to suppress indenting of the first system.
I don't want page numbers
I don't want bar numbers
I don't want the big 'C' to appear
All I want is 4 pages of empty piano systems with a
trebble and bass clef.

After having spent about 8 hours in total during the last
week, I am running out of permutations to try. This is
after about 3 previous attempts the last years to get
into Lilypond. This time, it started to look very promising.

However, especially the various possible combinations of
new, context, staff, pianostaff and score (some working,
some don't), puzzle me. I guess it is all there in the manual,
but I can't put it together.

If the learning curve is really this steep, I'm affraid that Lilypond
will stay reserved for that rare combination of Unix programmer
and Music enthousiast. Personally I'm more interested in working
with music than with notation tools per se. I really appreciate
the effort that has gone in Lilypond, and a non-profit effort
at that, but that doesn't get me over the first hurdle.

Below is the latest attempt. It still generates page numbers, bar
numbers, and it refuses to put 6 systems on the last page.
It always wants to put the last system of the last page on a new
page, even though it fits 6 systems on each earlier page. And it
puts the 'C' in the first bar.

I'm using Lilypond 2.6.0 on windows XP.
Any idea's/help?

Thanks, Lars

-------------------- latest attempt ------------------------------
\version "2.6.0"

\paper {
hsize = 21\cm
vsize = 27.5\cm
leftmargin = 2\cm
linewidth = 17\cm
topmargin = 1\cm
bottommargin = 0\cm
printpagenumber = ##f
%% doesn't prevent page numbers
raggedlastbottom = ##t
%% doesn't prevent stretching systems over additional page

onepage = {
\repeat unfold 6 {
\skip 1 \break

upper = {
\clef treble
\time 4/4
% \key c \major
%% big 'C' symbols still generated
\repeat unfold 4 {
%% ínsists on using 5 pages, the last containing a single system

lower = {
\clef bass
\time 4/4
% \key c \major
\repeat unfold 4 {

\score {
\new PianoStaff \with {
% \override TimeSignature #’transparent = ##t
% defaultBarType = #""
%% the two lines above cause output generation to fail completely
%% despite having been suggested by the manual.
\remove Bar_number_engraver
\new Staff {\upper}
\new Staff {\lower}
\layout {
indent = 0.0 \cm


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