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Re: Adding parenthesis around slurs or hairpins or whatever else

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Adding parenthesis around slurs or hairpins or whatever else
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 16:46:07 +0200
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I'm not sure what dirty trick you refer to, but you could copy the
Scheme function parenthesize-callback from the example called in the Regression Test document and use it for
hairpins with
\once \override Hairpin #'print-function = #(parenthesize-callback Hairpin::print)

However, it doesn't work well with ties and slurs, since the vertical
alignment is wrong. It shouldn't be hard to fix it for ties but maybe it's
more tricky for slurs since the vertical position of the left and right
parenthesis should be different in general.

To imitate the example you showed with an f followed by a diminuendo,
you could make versions of the Scheme function that only add a left
parenthesis or a right parenthesis.


Gianluca D. wrote:

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to copy with Lilypond a nice sheet of music showing many editorial parenthesis around slurs, ties and hairpins.

In the attachments, you can see two examples of what I'm talking about.

Is there anyone who knows a general way to reproduce these expressions, hopefully without dismantling Lilypond bit by bit? :P

I've already tried searching the archive and the regression-tests and tips-and-tricks, but with no results, except for that dirty trick to make dynamics surrounded by parenthesis ( which is a very very very dirty trick because such dynamics are actually markups and so they will never align properly with normal dynamics, but with changing all the default dynamic padding properties etc etc... )

Thank you to everyone.

Gianluca D'Orazio




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