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Re: Title takes up too much room

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Title takes up too much room
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 01:48:47 -0700

On 30-Sep-05, at 7:11 PM, Jay Hamilton, Sound and Silence wrote:

I've conquered, with a great deal of help from all of you, the score problems;

Please don't email everybody individually; just send an email to lilypond-user.

now that I am approaching completion of the project I find that the pdf of the first page contains the title and then (on letter stock) a huge blank space and at the bottom the beginning measures of the score.

There probably isn't enough room to print two systems of the score on the first page. To test this, try reducing the size of the notation (say, make it 12). Do you get more than one system now? If so, try playing with that number to find out how big you can make the notes, while still having two (or more) systems on the first

Alternately, set raggedbottom = ##t. That will leave all the blank space at the bottom of the first page, instead of having blank space between the title and the

- Graham

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