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Re: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 3158 in lilypond: \remove "Vertical_align_engr

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 3158 in lilypond: \remove "Vertical_align_engraver" creates error message
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2015 08:34:17 +0000

        Status: Invalid
        Owner: address@hidden

Comment #1 on issue 3158 by address@hidden: \remove "Vertical_align_engraver" creates error message

I quote from the report there:

the original question at the German Lilypond user forum was:
Is there a *better method than this dirty removal of the
"Vertical_align_engraver"* to align vertically two or more tiny \score
section (with only one staff, usually one measure of length) within a
\markup text line. The vertical alignment asked for should be based on the
center of the staff, not on the upper limit of the score-markup extent
(which mostly depends on the highest note).

A (not very tiny) example would look like this:
\version "2.16.0" % 2.17.5
\markuplist { \column {
    \justified-lines {
      Measure 36, Viola:
      \raise #0.56 \score {
        { \override Staff.TimeSignature #'stencil = ##f
          \clef alto \key c \major \time 4/4 g''1 }
        \layout {
          indent = 0 \mm
          \context { \Score \remove "Vertical_align_engraver" } } }
      #(ly:wide-char->utf-8 #x2192)
      \raise #0.56 \score {
        { \override Staff.TimeSignature #'stencil = ##f
          \clef alto \key c \major \time 4/4 c'1 }
        \layout {
          indent = 0 \mm
          \context { \Score \remove "Vertical_align_engraver" } } } } } }

Now if one removes all instances of \context { \Score \remove "Vertical_align_engraver" }, the output looks perfect.

The reason is

commit 692b4e4ed7c1aae4d4d53ad59c26c22f2dd2d90f
Author: David Kastrup <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Mar 3 01:04:31 2013 +0100

    Issue 3187: Ugly alignment of text and score within a markup

    For \score within \markup, the reference point (usually the middle
    staff line) of the lowest staff in the top system is placed on the

    This is an incompatible change, but the previous behavior (placing the
    _highest_ y coordinate of the score on the baseline, disregarding the
    staves) was not useful.

committed for version 2.17.14. Issue number and timing of the fix as compared to the report make it rather likely that it was partly inspired by this report even though I only remember being annoyed by this kind of misalignment in material of my own as well as in the context of incipit code.

At any rate, that issue removes the stated motivation for the rather sledgehammerish hack of removing "Vertical_align_engraver". So I am marking this issue as invalid.

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