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[libunwind] semantics of ALIAS?

From: Todd L Miller
Subject: [libunwind] semantics of ALIAS?
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 13:33:30 -0600 (CST)

        I've been fighting with the code fragment I posted earlier, and
tracked down a fairly important problem: libunwind is attempting to read
the alias information for an IP totally different from the one I
specified.  I investigated, and discovered that ia64/Gparser-ia64.c is
adding (as best I can tell) the offset from the beginning of the current
region to the alias target before performing a lookup, which is not the
behaviour I need, because it ends up pointing into a totally different
function than it started.  That is, I need specify that the entry state is
the same as the state at a particular IP, and _not_ that the rest of the
procedure follows the aliased procedure in lock-step.  How can I construct
such a thing?

- Todd L Miller

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