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Re: [libunwind] unwinding through dynamically modified code?

From: Young, Mark
Subject: Re: [libunwind] unwinding through dynamically modified code?
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 13:41:30 -0800
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A disjoint code fragment that is jumped into can by described as performing a sequence of state save operations at instruction offset 0, as if the separate function entry state save instructions had immediately preceded the fragment. Given any possible ip in the fragment, the unwinder sees that the state save has already occurred and yet it has the complete recipe to reconstruct the previous frame state since it does so without looking at the code.
--Mark Young

Todd L Miller wrote:

        I can force the remote process to load libunwind and insert calls
to _U_dyn_register() relatively easily.  Perhaps I wasn't clear, but my
concern was that this would not be sufficient in the case where I'm not
registering a function, but instead a (series of) code fragment(s).  Will
libunwind handle this scenario?  (Would it if the modifications were all
happening locally?)

- Todd L Miller
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