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[libunwind] uc_mcontext.sc_rbs_base

From: Ronald Veldema
Subject: [libunwind] uc_mcontext.sc_rbs_base
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 14:24:33 +0200
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Hi all,
        I'm trying to compile libunwind on an ia64 machine
and got the following compile error:

ia64/Ginit-ia64.c: In function `uc_addr':
ia64/Ginit-ia64.c:72: structure has no member named `sc_rbs_base'

    case UNW_IA64_AR_BSP:       addr = &uc->uc_mcontext.sc_rbs_base; break;

and my sigcontext from bits/ looks like this:

struct sigcontext
  unsigned long int sc_flags;   /* see manifest constants above */
unsigned long int sc_nat; /* bit i == 1 iff scratch reg gr[i] is a NaT */
  stack_t sc_stack;             /* previously active stack */

  unsigned long int sc_ip;      /* instruction pointer */
  unsigned long int sc_cfm;     /* current frame marker */
  unsigned long int sc_um;      /* user mask bits */
  unsigned long int sc_ar_rsc;  /* register stack configuration register */
  unsigned long int sc_ar_bsp;  /* backing store pointer */
  unsigned long int sc_ar_rnat; /* RSE NaT collection register */
unsigned long int sc_ar_ccv; /* compare & exchange compare value register */
  unsigned long int sc_ar_unat; /* ar.unat of interrupted context */
  unsigned long int sc_ar_fpsr; /* floating-point status register */
  unsigned long int sc_ar_pfs;  /* previous function state */
  unsigned long int sc_ar_lc;   /* loop count register */
  unsigned long int sc_pr;      /* predicate registers */
  unsigned long int sc_br[8];   /* branch registers */
  unsigned long int sc_gr[32];  /* general registers (static partition) */
  struct ia64_fpreg sc_fr[128]; /* floating-point registers */
  unsigned long int sc_rsvd[16];/* reserved for future use */

  /* sc_mask is actually an sigset_t but we don't want to
   * include the kernel headers here. */
unsigned long int sc_mask; /* signal mask to restore after handler returns

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