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[libredwg] GSoC - DWG write support

From: Fernando Lucchesi
Subject: [libredwg] GSoC - DWG write support
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 11:47:27 -0300

Hi libredwg developers,

I'm Fernando Lucchesi, and I am at my third year studying Computer Engineering
at Unicamp, Brazil. I had the opportunity to talk to Rodrigo and Felipe at FISL
last year =)

(I've been lurking at the mailing list since then, but didn't introduce myself)

I'm also applying to Inkscape, but as they say it's not wise to put all eggs in
one basket, here I am.

The idea of this lib is very driving because it's about freedom of data, about
using the tool of your choice to edit your own files. I suffered a bit fighting
to open some old cdr files on inkscape, so I understand where this comes from.

Because of that, the idea that I would like to try is the DWG write support, so
that the freedom goes both ways (and people are able to work with others while
using free tools, since there isn't a really open standard yet AFAIK).

I think that C wouldn't be a big problem, since I've been forced to learn it at
the university, after 3 semesters of rather intense coding =) (the 4th was with
other languages). I haven't made any program with binary output, though.
The biggest problem I see is to grok the code and the GNU coding style.

I have a little knowledge of Autocad, since I had a semester of classes (at my
former university). But it was back in 2007, so I wouldn't go as far as to say
that I remember a lot of it.

The problem is that I know nothing about the internals of DWG(or OpenDWG), so I
would need to study it from the very beggining.

Is it worth a shot?

Fernando Lucchesi Bastos Jurema

UNICAMP - Engenharia de Computação 09
CACo - Centro Acadêmico da Computação
Coordenador de Marketing e Produtos - gestão 2010/2011

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