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[libredwg] Transahara Festival 2011, Hadra Festival, Ozora & Freedom

From: Hadra
Subject: [libredwg] Transahara Festival 2011, Hadra Festival, Ozora & Freedom
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 21:08:53 +0100

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Hello everyone,

Less than two months now for the 6th edition of the Transahara 2011 festival. Are you as excited as we are? Have you started your preparations for the desert? On our hand, we are almost ready to welcome you at the Sahara. As you might have noticed, we have changed the location of the festival to near a new hotel in the desert, where you will be able to enjoy a dance-floor that is literally between the dunes. This will add up to our comfort and we will be able to use the dunes as our screen for the Vj projections. We are sure this will be a experience you won't forget and we're happy to share with you. Also, we will tell you, once again, about our FREE ticket giveaway!

Now for the news about the festival, we have a few names that we have added to the main-floor line-up and we will finally reveal the line-up for the alternative stage!

Check this out!! What an international party! Here is the list of countries from where people are coming so far to get to Transahara: France - UK - Switzerland - Germany - Italy - Sweden - USA - Belgium - Spain - Portugal - Denmark - Holland - Chyprus - Norway - Slovenia - Austria - Japan - Canada - Brazil - Mexico - Chile - Australia - New Zealand - Ireland - Greece - India - Lituanina - Czech Republic - Polland - Luxembourg - Morocco

DON'T FORGET: The accommodation ticket prices go up again at beggining of March so reserve/book now to make sure to get the lowest ticket prices.

Transahara DanceFloor View
Transahara Dancefloor View

Main Floor Line-up News:

Our new line-up aims to be eclectic , with diversity and quality as its motto. Here are the new artists for the main floor. -Rocky - Echoes Records *Live
-Osho - Echoes Records *Dj Set
-One - Germany * Dj Set
- DJ Nesjaja - Avatar Rec. - Germany * Dj Set

And...stay tuned because in March, we'll reveal a very good surprise for the main floor!

Alternative Stage Line Up :

The alternative stage's line-up is finally here. We hope you LOVE it!

- AMINE K - Morocco
- BILLY CASAZZA- Opulent Temple, Burning Man - USA
- CHUCKY - Attitude Recording - Portugal
- CHRISTOF - iBZ Recordings - Ibiza
- CRISPY - Alchemy Records - UK
- DEEPR - Nomadstribe - Morocco
- DIEGO COELHO - Microbiotic Records - Brazil
- EDOARDO MAVARSO - Microbiotic Records- UK
- EVERYDAY - Playloop Records - USA
- FLORIAN MSK - Subvision Records, 64HZ - Canada
- G O'BRIEN - Akarien Productions - Canada
- JOHN MONKMAN - UltraDelux Records - UK
- KALI G - Nomadstribe - Spain
- LEE MAYJAHS - The Philadelphia Experiment - USA
- MARTA DLM - Alchemy Rec/Magnolia - Brazil
- MEMED AWAD - Dubai
- MILK'N'SILK - Nomadstribe - Morocco
- MONOXCIDE- Microbiotic Rec, Krinimal - Ibiza
- NIGEL RICHARD - 611 rec. - USA
- OTKUN - Atomes, Nomadstribe - Morocco
- REDA BRIKI - Disorient Camp (Burning Man) - USA
- REMY MAURIN - Skryptöm Records - France
- TENZIN- Attitude Recording, Tech Safari, Eclipse Festival - Canada
- TREAVOR - Moontribe - Iboga Records - Neurobiotic Records - Echoes Records - USA
- U-ONE - BEEF, Chameleon - Australia
- YANN - Ultragroove Records, Tech Safari, Eclipse Festival - Canada

The Chill Out Stage

A very important part in all festivals, the chill out is mainly a place where you can rest, restore your energies, meditate and enjoy the company of your friends or just stay by yourself gathering energies. The people that will give you the soundtrack for the chill-out part of your festival experience will be announced by the middle of February.


The Visuals of the Festival : Meet The Team

Of course the visuals are a big part of our festival; at the same time, you might wonder if the desert by itself is not visual art enough but we've always been about artistic _expression_ and we could not fail to provide space for alternative visual artists to express themselves. The Transahara Festival always had a big connection with the visual arts and we have not left our concept aloof in this edition . Meet the crew that will bring the dream to life:

Global Village Productions - UK
Lugu Testarea - Portugal Link video
Celio - Deco Tk Project - Portugal

Tickets :

Book your ticket here.

>>> Presale tickets

Choose between for type of accomodation, from your own tent to a large luxurious tribal Berber tent.
Add a transport from Marrakech or Casablanca if you need.
And pre-order all-you-can-eat buffet style meals prepared for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

FREE Ticket Giveaway :

We are giving away for FREE 10 double tickets (20 tickets to 10 people)  to the festival, and FREE ACCOMMODATION. Each one of the ten winner gets a ticket for himself and one (1) guest. So, we will be offering 20 tickets total, a value of at least €400 per winner. Not bad for a December gift!

How do you win a FREE DOUBLE TICKET for Transahara 2011?

Simply go to and insert your email address under the NEWSLETTER box on the left side at the homepage, where it reads “insert your email here”. NEXT join one of Transahara’s Facebook pages such this one.  Newsletter AND Facebook group … and that's it!  The winners are selected randomly by mid February. By that time,we will announce the winners, contact each one by email separately and provide further instructions on how to receive the tickets.

So, spread the word, tell your friends about the giveaway, share the love! It's that simple and we have 10 double tickets to give away during the next months. Wishing you all good luck !

Travel Infos :

 We have been received many emails asking us where and when to buy the flight tickets in order to get the best deals. We highly recommend that you make your plain ticket reservations before the 15th of February so you can get the best prices and save more.
One great tip is to find a cheap flight to Barcelona or Madrid and there change flight to Morocco. 

Ryanair flies to Morocco from the following cities :

Air Arabia is another company that flies at nice prices, to Morocco, from the following cities:

Jet4You, also has great prices from:
Paris Toulouse

Transavia can also be a good option if you're flying from :

And finally, EasyJet, another low cost company that has many flights to Morocco from :

If you're not sure on how to get the best flights at the best prices, please visit the flight search engine EDreams :  - This website lets you compare prices  between the several flight companies
and helps you choose the most economical option.

Other Traveling Options :
If you're planning on traveling by car or even by boat, know that there is a Ferry from Barcelona to Tangier.
The price is €75 per person and € 200 per each car.
Check the infos , prices and schedules here :


This year we have put together a new and exciting concept of camping in the desert, nomad's style. Our desert tents will offer you not only a great feeling to the entire experience but also the best option in terms of comfort.
We know this is not a very cheap option, but it is worth it. Thinking about ways to save you money and still get the most comfortable experience, we have setup a special option for groups.
If you are traveling with a group of 20 or more people, you can organize your camp, on demand.
For example: Ten ( 10) 2 person tents + 1 Space Tent lounge with toilet and bathroom for exclusive usage of your group +1 hotel room to secure your belongings.
Let us know if you are coming with a big group and what you'll need and we'll help you out finding the best solutions.
Don't forget to buy your tickets before the 15th of February, that way you'll save  a lot of money both in flights and in the festival tickets. We hope to meet you all in the desert.
See U in the dunes.

All the best

Transahara 2011 Team
General Infos

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Email: address@hidden

Nomadstribe © 2011
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HADRA Trance Festival 2011
7 au 10 jui. 2011 - France

>>> Site web du festival
>>> Préventes / Presale tickets

OZORA Festival 2011
2 au 7 août 2011 - Hongrie

>>> Site web du festival
>>> Préventes / Presale tickets
Avec Voyagenbus, Hadra vous propose de partir en bus pour OZORA Festival 2011 depuis 20 villes de France ou de Suisse à partir de 289 € aller-retour (entrée et camping du festival compris) ou 219 € (voyage seul).
Départ : 31 juillet ou 1er août 2011 - Départ du festival: 8 août 2010
>>> Infos, horaires, tarifs & réservation

FREEDOM Festival 2011
10 au 15 août 2011 - Portugal

>>> Site web du festival
>>> Préventes / Presale tickets

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Hadra 2011

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