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[Libjit] libjit speed vs LLVM

From: Peng Yu
Subject: [Libjit] libjit speed vs LLVM
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 00:26:48 -0600

I read this.

Now, a disclaimer: I did not benchmark libjit's compilation speed vs.
LLVM; I was simply too lazy to generate equivalent and large-enough
inputs for both. I'm also not saying that libjit is faster than LLVM,
perhaps it isn't. After all, the amount of engineering power expended
on LLVM has been orders of magnitude larger than for libjit, which may
very well have led to much more optimized code. All I want to imply
here is that libjit could be faster than LLVM. Generality is almost
always at odds with performance in software, a sad fact we all wish
wasn't true but, oh, it is. Is this very important? Not for most uses
of LLVM today, but since libjit's main goal is JIT, then perhaps. But
without real measurements and profiling, I don't have anything
intelligent to contribute here.

Since it was written several years ago, I am wondering if there is a
recent thorough comparison on the speed. I agree with the principle
that a general software will be slower than a more specific software
(if designed well) for the specific purpose. Since libjit is just for
JIT, it could be faster than LLVM for JIT. But are there any real
numbers to back this up? Thanks.


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