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Re: [Libjit] Does libjit assume gnu binutils objdump available?

From: Peng Yu
Subject: Re: [Libjit] Does libjit assume gnu binutils objdump available?
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 18:35:18 -0600

> the --adjust-vma= option simply makes the outputted addresses match the
> actual in-memory addresses.

Mac OS X uses llvm-objdump. What is the corresponding option?

$ objdump
OVERVIEW: llvm object file dumper

USAGE: objdump [options] <input object files>

  -aarch64-neon-syntax     - Choose style of NEON code to emit from
AArch64 backend:
    =generic               -   Emit generic NEON assembly
    =apple                 -   Emit Apple-style NEON assembly
  -arch=<string>           - architecture(s) from a Mach-O file to dump
  -arch-name=<string>      - Target arch to disassemble for, see
-version for available targets
  -archive-headers         - Print archive headers for Mach-O archives
(requires -macho)
  -archive-member-offsets  - Print the offset to each archive member
for Mach-O archives (requires -macho and -archive-headers)
  -bind                    - Display mach-o binding info
  -color                   - use colored syntax highlighting
  -data-in-code            - Print the data in code table for Mach-O
objects (requires -macho)
  -dis-symname=<string>    - disassemble just this symbol's
instructions (requires -macho)
  -disassemble             - Display assembler mnemonics for the
machine instructions
  -disassemble-all         - Display assembler mnemonics for the
machine instructions
  -dsym=<string>           - Use .dSYM file for debug info
  -dwarf                   - Dump of dwarf debug sections:
    =frames                -   .debug_frame
  -dylib-id                - Print the shared library's id for the
dylib Mach-O file (requires -macho)
  -dylibs-used             - Print the shared libraries used for
linked Mach-O files (requires -macho)
  -exports-trie            - Display mach-o exported symbols
  -fault-map-section       - Display contents of faultmap section
  -full-leading-addr       - Print full leading address
  -g                       - Print line information from debug info if available
  -help                    - Display available options (-help-hidden for more)
  -indirect-symbols        - Print indirect symbol table for Mach-O
objects (requires -macho)
  -info-plist              - Print the info plist section as strings
for Mach-O objects (requires -macho)
  -lazy-bind               - Display mach-o lazy binding info
  -line-numbers            - Display source line numbers with
disassembly. Implies disassemble object
  -link-opt-hints          - Print the linker optimization hints for
Mach-O objects (requires -macho)
  -macho                   - Use MachO specific object file parser
  -mattr=<a1,+a2,-a3,...>  - Target specific attributes
  -mcpu=<cpu-name>         - Target a specific cpu type (-mcpu=help for details)
  -no-leading-addr         - Print no leading address
  -no-leading-headers      - Print no leading headers
  -no-show-raw-insn        - When disassembling instructions, do not
print the instruction bytes.
  -no-symbolic-operands    - do not symbolic operands when
disassembling (requires -macho)
  -non-verbose             - Print the info for Mach-O objects in
non-verbose or numeric form (requires -macho)
  -objc-meta-data          - Print the Objective-C runtime meta data
for Mach-O files (requires -macho)
  -print-imm-hex           - Use hex format for immediate values
  -print-module-scope      - When printing IR for
print-[before|after]{-all} always print a module IR
  -private-header          - Display only the first format specific file header
  -private-headers         - Display format specific file headers
  -r                       - Display the relocation entries in the file
  -raw-clang-ast           - Dump the raw binary contents of the clang
AST section
  -rebase                  - Display mach-o rebasing info
  -s                       - Display the content of each section
  -section=<string>        - Operate on the specified sections only.
With -macho dump segment,section
  -section-headers         - Display summaries of the headers for each section.
  -source                  - Display source inlined with disassembly.
Implies disassmble object
  -start-address=<address> - Disassemble beginning at address
  -stop-address=<address>  - Stop disassembly at address
  -t                       - Display the symbol table
  -triple=<string>         - Target triple to disassemble for, see
-version for available targets
  -universal-headers       - Print Mach-O universal headers (requires -macho)
  -unwind-info             - Display unwind information
  -version                 - Display the version of this program
  -weak-bind               - Display mach-o weak binding info


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