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Re: Gnus + Leafnode = 10 minutes to start

Subject: Re: Gnus + Leafnode = 10 minutes to start
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 18:20:02 GMT
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* Stepan Golosunov wrote in gnu.emacs.gnus:
> SINNER <address@hidden> writes:
>>> And without grep there are many more lines? Gnus is reading these
>>> groups too.

>> Yes, as any normal newsrc, it contains every possible group on the
>> server.

>>> You should kill all groups you are not going to read.

>> But that isnt what I should have to do is it? It sounds like an easy
>> cure for the symptoms but it dosent sound like the cure.

> It is the cure. Gnus reads all subscribed and unsubscribed groups but
> doesn't read killed and zombie groups. info gnus on node "Subscription
> Commands" suggests that S C-k on level 7 does the job. (Node "Group
> Levels" has more information.)

Cool, thanks for the pointer.

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a lion, and the face of Donald Duck.

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