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Re: Gnus + Leafnode = 10 minutes to start

Subject: Re: Gnus + Leafnode = 10 minutes to start
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 20:30:05 GMT
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* Glyn Millington wrote in
> SINNER <address@hidden> writes:

Hey Glyn, I am home now.

>> after I 'M-x gnus' it loads the active file and then gets new news, during 
>> this time the system goes to 80%> CPU usage for about 10 minutes until 
>> finally putting me at the group buffer.

> Try adding this to your .gnus

> (setq   gnus-check-new-newsgroups nil
>       gnus-read-active-file nil
>       gnus-nov-is-evil nil)

> See section 1.10 of the Gnus manual

Done, but I think my removal of ~/News/marks <snipped above> is still a
problem. Now on startup I get bootstrapping... and it is creating a huge
archive in the above directory which is redundant on this box.  Do I
have to have that occur?

I didn't let the process complete. CPU up to 100% and it would have been
15 to 20 minutes of that before it became usable again and only then
could I really test if your above suggestion would work.

Thanks for that and anything else you can provide.

"There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it."
                -- C. S. Lewis, "The Chronicles of Narnia"

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